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Ups and Downes

Name : Ups and Downes

Location : South Hill

Built in : The cottage was built around 1917

Origin of its name

We named our cottage on 2007. it is a playa on our name and all of the steps .

Special attributes

The cottage was renovated in 1990, by lifting the enter cottage and adding a two car garage, a laundry room and a master bedroom and bathroom. the upstairs bedrooms are still the original bed board walls and douglas fir floors.

Historical events

The original cottage was on Illinois and moved farther from the lake in the first half of the 1900's

Cottage related family name : Downes

Generations in cottage so far : We are the first generation

Family established in cottage at : 2007

Name : Family traditions

We have been coming to Macatawa since the mid 70's, first as guests. then renters, then owners. We bought the Salty Dog, now The One Away, (2460 Grove Walk) in 1990 and were there until 2007 when we moved to 2442 Cedar Walk. We have have spent the Fourth of July in Macatawa most years, as well as several Christmas and New Years holidays

Name : Family Memories & stories

Memories of sunsets, storms, walks on the beach, jumping in the lake, gatherings of friends and family, and quiet times reading are as abundant as the sunshine!

Ups and downes