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The Loft

Name : The Loft

Location : South Hill

Built in : Original structure: 1988; New structure: 2017

Origin of its name

The original structure consisted of a three stall garage with a room above the garage. In 1999, when we purchased the deck and garage (but not the adjacent cottage), we were able to "jury rig" the upstairs by converting a closet to a bathroom and adding a refrigerator and stove behind the garage on the first level. Originally the upstairs had provided the previous owners space for an office, work out area and off-season storage for the adjacent cottage to which it was attached with a three level deck. This "temporary" arrangement serviced us for fifteen years until we finally executed on our original plans to "scrape and rebuild." The 600 square feet of living area became known as "The Loft." And our granddaughters insist that we retain the name for the replacement.

Special attributes

Historical events

Cottage related family name : DeJong

Generations in cottage so far : 1

Family established in cottage at : 1999

Name : Family traditions

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