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The Edge

Name : The Edge

Location : South Hill

Built in : 1991

Origin of its name

It is perched on the "Edge" of a 60 foot sand dune cliff.

The owner/builder was Kim Edgel, called "EDGE" by his friends.

Special attributes

-The 2 stall garage is on the 3rd floor above the master Bedroom & Bath.

-This home has an amazing view of Macatawa Bay over Elders marina.

Historical events

This home was one of the last built on the side of a sand dune with such a steep slope. DEQ regulations would not allow it today.

Cottage related family name : Edgel

Generations in cottage so far : one

Family established in cottage at : Land-1983, Home 1991

Name : Family traditions

  • During the Christmas season our family always had a 14 foot tree in the living room viewable as cars came around the S curve.

Name : Family Memories & stories

Our son (Aaron was born 1994) & raised in this Home.

Aaron while a Boy Scout organized the dismantling & removal of the 13 ton collapsed water tower in Sanctuary Woods for his Eagle project.

Kim Edgel (when son Aaron was born) installed the first traffic lights on the big S curve on Maksaba Trail, near the home. He did this to keep down noise so the baby could sleep as prior to this, cars would honk their horns when approaching the curve.