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The Dividend

Name : The Dividend

Location : North Beach

Built in : 1895

Origin of its name

Cort and I named it " The Dividend" because Cort was a stockbroker and dividends helped us buy it. We found out later that Cort's family had a farm way back in his family history and the farm was named " The Dividend". What a great coincidence.

Special attributes

Great view of Macatawa Bay-- the sailboats on race day , the freighters, and surrounding activity Grandparents wing we added on the back. Separate water and heat, kitchen and fireplace. Can stay there all winter with main cottage closed down or can go to sleep while the kids are still partying it up in main cottage during the summer!

Historical events

When we bought Macatawa Hotel was still in rubble after being torn down across the street from our cottage. We had a coal stove and oil burner to keep us warm The dune behind us leads straight up to Angel's Flight. Water ski lessons and shows were being held from the "T" dock in the Bay. Later Point West restaurant and Motel were built.

Cottage related family name : Lecklider

Generations in cottage so far : One

Family established in cottage at : 1962

Name : Family traditions

  • Last night of summer-- Sunday before Labor Day -- Troika Party, family party on the beach. Cocktails, horouevres, and games. Sunday night when it gets dark -- Indian night. Dress up like Indians and walk through Mac blessing everyone for the winter chanting as we go and beating the drums. Cottager 's join us as we go.

Name : Family Memories & stories

Worked on fixing up the cottage weekends in the Spring when the kids were small. Breakfast at " The Galley" where the Piper was. Granddaughter, Stephanie married at Macatawa. Rented 12 cottages for her friends. The cottage is the family anchor. Everyone loves being here. Kitchen parties late at night the best. Often leads to late night skinny dipping!