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The Breakers

Name : The Breakers Cottage

Location : Central Beach

Built in : 1896

Origin of its name

No, the name has been with the cottage as far back as we know.

Special attributes

Historical events

The Breakers contains the first-ever telephone installed in western Michigan.

Cottage related family name : Currently: Barsanti, Hoyt and Krause. When purchased: Nansen and Barsanti

Generations in cottage so far : 3

Family established in cottage at : 1967

Name : Family traditions

The Nansen family from St. Louis, MO fell in love with Macatawa in the early part of the 1900's. Our grandparents, William (Bill) and Henrietta Nansen vacationed in Macatawa every year since the 1920's with their daughter, Nancy Lee. In 1945, Bill and Henrietta bought the Topside cottage on the south hill from Amanda E. Busche. In 1967, Henrietta bought The Breakers from Ray W. and Hazel M Herrick. Nancy Lee and her husband, John (Jack) inherited The Breakers in 1977. Their children and grandchildren continue in the family tradition of cherishing the beauty and camaraderie of Macatawa, and spend as much time there with family and friends as possibble.

Name : Family Memories & stories

Of course the beach and lake are a very big part of life in Macatawa, but many fond memories I had as a child in Macatawa can only be shared with my children through stories: Going to the old post office to get our grandmother's mail. Walking to 'The Galley' restaurant to buy penny candy. Playing in the dunes just south of the channel. Special occasion dinners at Point West. It's no different than the memories our mother shared with us about her childhood in Macatawa . So even though each generation's experiences and memories of Macatawa may differ, the beauty of the surroundings and relaxed environment to share with family and friends creates an everlasting bond to this wonderful place that is consistent for all.