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The Beach House

Name : The Beach House

Location : North Beach

Built in : 2015

Origin of its name

We purchased the house in 2016, and owned the house for a about a year before naming it. We discussed many potential names and made our list of clever possibilities. In the mean time, having not yet come up with a name, we referred to it simply as the beach house, by default. Our young children also began calling it "our beach house" and were thrilled at any chance to spend time there. While combing through all the cottage names in the MPCA's Directory, we were surprised to find that no one "officially" named their cottage, the Beach House, hence we took on the name. Some might say it's a tad bit unimaginative, but it seems fitting for us since our children will probably always refer to it as, "The Beach House" and the fact it sits 'front and center' on North Beach!

Special attributes

One special attribute of the Beach House is that it is a new home. We were first attracted to the charm of Macatawa Park's historic cottages, but truth be told, often time older homes need updating. Our reason for purchasing a home in Macatawa Park was to have a special place that our growing family could go to make memories together. To have a place to go that we could start to enjoy immediately (without having to renovate or fix up first) seemed like the perfect fit for us!

Historical events

Cottage related family name : Van Acker

Generations in cottage so far : We're the first!

Family established in cottage at : 2016

Name : Family traditions

We have decided as a family that we would start new traditions and spend holidays at our home in Macatawa Park. During our first year, we spent Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and New Years at the Beach House. Since Macatawa is centrally located for our extended family, hosting holidays there has allowed us to be together more than we have in the past. Our children love spending time at the Beach House with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends!

Name : Family Memories & stories