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Name : Terrehill

Location : South Hill

Built in : 1890 (just a guess)

Origin of its name

Name of town in Pennsylvania where Galt family originated. Galt family lived in St. Louis for several generations.

Special attributes

Historical events

Family reunions when offspring of Martin and Carrie Galt of St. Louis came from Missouri, New Jersey, and overseas for special occasions, including Stewart Galt's 75th Birthday in 2002.

Cottage related family name : Galt, Roth

Generations in cottage so far : Four current generations have used it in recent years.

Family established in cottage at : 1947

(imagine buying a second home, which was nearly unheard of in 1941, and during the second world war; nearly incomprehensible in my mind.

Name : Family traditions

  • Martin and Carrie Galt and sons David and Stewart first spent time at Macatawa in 1934 in a cottage on Interlake Walk. That cottage is now called Villa Laura II. The rent was $50.00 for the month of August. In subsequent years the Galts rented cottages at Macatawa, including present day Stack Arms. In 1937 the Galts purchased Sandyfoot up the hill on Crescent Walk. They enjoyed that cottage for ten years before selling it in 1947. Intentions were to spend future summers elsewhere, but Mrs. Rose Campbell made what we subsequently named "Terrehill" on Fern Walk available for $2,000. This was an opportunity to maintain a foothold in Macatawa for possible future use. It has been used every summer since and has been expanded considerably. The younger generations of David Galt's and Stewart Galt's families, including David and Alice Galt, of St. Louis and Stephan and Carol Galt of Normal,IL and Christine Galt Roth's family (the latter not recently) know that it is available.