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Name : Sher'Nuf Cottage

Location : North Beach

Built in : Don't know for sure but ca. 1880's

Origin of its name

The brainstorm of two young boys (ages 9 and 10), residents of the cottage as of 1936.

Special attributes

After having owned the cottage since 1936, it was air conditioned and heated in 2016!

Historical events

In1936, St. Louis, Missouri - a former Judge who owned the cottage, lost his job in the FDR Democratic win of that year. Louis B. Sher, a St. Louis attorney, met Judge Hartman on Twelfth Street and asked what his plans were. The Judge stated that he and his wife were moving to California where their son was in the "film-making business." Mr. Sher further inquired as to what he planned to do with his cottage in Michigan. His reply was, "Sell it." Right then and there Mr. Sher purchased the cottage for $15,000, including all its contents. St. Louis said that the only items he might wish to keep were his fishing poles and he might stop by in the future to retrieve them. To this day, the poles are resting in the eaves in the basement of the cottage!

Cottage related family name : Sher'Nuf Cottage

Generations in cottage so far : 4 generations

Family established in cottage at : 1936

Name : Family traditions

Jam making has been a tradition for many years. We make jars and jars of, principally, blueberry, which we take home for Christmas gifts. All the family loves driving over to Saugatuck for perch dinners at Wally's. We were big fans of the Point West Restaurant "back in the day."

Name : Family Memories & stories