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Name : Kottenwood

Location : North Hill

Built in : 1976

Origin of its name

Simple combination of the last part of the Walkotten name and a description of the surroundings.

Special attributes

Primary living area is on the second floor, in order to best optimize the view. Lower level is small living room with fireplace, kitchen and bedroom.

Historical events

Cottage was built in the summer when my second son was born and it was the two hundred year birthday of the nation.

Cottage related family name : Walkotten

Generations in cottage so far : 1

Family established in cottage at : Built in 1976

imagine buying a second home, which was nearly unheard of in 1941, and during the second world war; nearly incomprehensible in my mind.

Name : Family Memories & stories

This is the third cottage at Macatawa. My parents, Dr Henry Walkotten and Wilma (Billie) purchased the "Breakers" in 1942, when I was 6 months old. We summered there until 1952, when we sold the "Breakers" to Ray Herrick and his wife and built the "Merry Mac" on North Hill. We summered there until 1974, the year after my father died. Based on the 1950's and 1960's water level threat to the cottage, my mother sold the "Merry Mac" to Buzz Foltz. After renting cottages for a few summers, we decided to build the "Kottenwood" where we have been ever since. We now are full time residents of North Hill.

I spent my boyhood summers with many of the other kids at Macatawa but my primary best friend was AE (Al) Sharp. We were typical Macatawa kids and spent our days water skiing, playing tennis, beaching, sailing, and yes, causing trouble at the Hotel Macatawa. I remember sneaking into the hotel ballroom on a Tuesday night to watch the movie. As cottagers we were not invited but when you show a movie the room is dark after all. We hung out at the "soda fountain" mostly playing pinball machines and drinking lime and lemon fizzes. We had figured out that if you jumped in just the right place on the floor, the pinball machine would give 3 or 4 free games. We could play for a nickel for hours..