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Name : KAJOCA Cottage

Location : North Beach

Built in : 1925 I believe after the fire - built by Coye

Origin of its name

In 1976, the cottage was named after me and my sister, JOdy and KAthy CAvanaugh. The name continued for years until 2000, after which the cottage was named COLE as my half-sister was the owner and Cole was her last name. My nephew, Jafer Patterson, changed it back to KAJOCA when he purchased it from Georganne

Special attributes

I feel that Mac is a place where I can sit on the porch and watch the world go by. All the bedrooms offer lake view. The only parts of the cottage not facing the lake are the kitchen and bathroom upstairs. There's also a rear patio where you can get outside for the sun, when the wind is too fierce on the lake front. The cottage is so filled with memories of my mother (Kate Cavanaugh) that it is a trip back in history to visit. My nephew Jafer and my half-sister (Georganne Cole) have kept up the cottage so very well. The cottage is also off the lake shore road, so our noise level is less while our access to the lake is good.

Historical events

My father (Roger Michael Cavanaugh) bought the cottage for my mother back in 1952. Before that I believe it was vacant for a number of years. As I understand it, the new cottage was built by the Coye family in 1925. We had summered at Mac since 1944, when I was 6 months old. I wasn't particularly excited about now owning this cottage as it always seemed scary to me as a youngster (a number of cottages were mothballed in the late 40s/early 50s)...however my father made many improvements prior to our moving in...flooring, painting, kitchen appliances, showers rather than tubs, etc. We have had a wedding there and many young men have had to pass the "Macatawa Test" in order to gain entry into the family! Most have passed, a few have failed. In 2002, the family gathered to celebrate the 50th year of ownership!

Cottage related family name : Cavanaugh

Generations in cottage so far : 3

Family established in cottage at : 1952

Name : Family traditions

  • The "Macatawa Test" has been a tradition whereby a young prospective in-law would come to Mac to spend time with the family and for the family to see whether she/he was acceptable to the family. It usually worked.
  • Setting up and cleaning before/after the season is now becoming a tradition with my nephew, Jafer Patterson, at the helm.
  • There are a number of places in the surrounding area that we all enjoy returning to and discovering for the first time. The Holland area and beyond holds many sites to explore. Unluckily for us, we only have weeks in which to do this...but we share our finds with each other as best as we can.

Name : Family Memories & stories

As a child, I lived at the Soda Bar and read every comic book that Dick Machinski (sp?) had.

I loved the old hotel and the "T dock" and the Sligh Ski School and remember it taking ALL summer one year to get Mike Moore up on skis! My sister, Kathy, was so advanced in skiing that she went to some competition as I recall. The hotel DID NOT like cottagers and I'm still holding a grudge over one BINGO game I won - while they were checking my card - a hotel patron also BINGOed and was awarded the prize.

Who could forget the Banana Boat - the 'taxi' between Mac/Ottawa Beach/Kollen Park - of course it had another name, but we kids all called it the Banana Boat - much to the chagrin of the boat owner.