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Climbers High

Name : Climbers High

Location : South Hill

Built in : 1902

Origin of its name

When we purchased the cottage during the fall of 1992 it was named "The Climbers". Since people thought the owners name was Climbers and our name was Danby we decided to change the name. At that time running and jogging were becoming popular and frequent reference was being made to the high one would experience when engaging in those activities, also we have numerous stairs to climb to get to the front door-----Climbers High made sense.

Special attributes

We are one of three of the original cottages on Cedar Walk which survived the major fire of the mid twenties. When we purchased the cottage it was in sad shape and it took nearly a year to restore it to it's original glory. We modernized (winterized with two furnaces, modern plumbing, updated electrical new porches and roof) but at the same time retained the original architecture and character.

Historical events

Our cottage was built by a publisher from Chicago who must have known the famous author Frank Baum who was a neighbor. If the walls could speak we know there are stories there

Cottage related family name : Charles and Kay Danby, Sons Chip and Doug

Generations in cottage so far : We are the first but would love to see it stay in the family

Family established in cottage at : 1992

Name : Family traditions

  • Summers are special but we love our place all year long. Memorial Day and the 4th of July are special family times however we also have spent Thanksgiving and Christmas here as well. Nothing like a roaring wood fire on a cold fall or winter evening.

Name : Family Memories & stories

Walking the beach at sunset, Big Red, sailboats on the horizon and sand castles