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Location: North Hill

Built in: 1928

Origin of its name

Our family name (my fathers grocery store name) 1993 to present. The previous owner the Clark Field's had the name HAPPY LANDINGS 1940 to 1993. the builders or rebuilders were Don Kranenberg's grand parents1928 to 1940 Kranenbergs also owned a previous cottage on the site which burned in 1927

Special attributes

6 bedrooms a bunk room now has 3 stories (added in 1995) expanded deck on south side of home.

Cottage related family name: BERNECKER

Generations in cottage so far: one

Family established in cottage at: 1993

Name : Family traditions

  • Of course all birthday celebrations for our 4 children and spouses and 11 grand children with one spouse and one great grandchild occur at our cottage.
  • We usually combine several months of birthdays into one celebration or the celebration would never end!!.